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Birthdate:May 1
Fiddle. It's not a violin, it's a fiddle! Well sure, they're about the same instrument but still!

And I'm Rune, daughter of Stara, from the town of Westhaven, near Beeford. I've come to Nolton to learn better how to fiddle, and play another instrument as well; and then to travel to the the Midsummers Faire where I'll enter the contest and join the Bard's Guild!

OOC knowledge: The character of Rune is taken from the Mercedes Lackey book 'The Lark and the Wren', and her point is about midway though the book, before she travels to the Midsummer Faire in Kingsford. She is a music student of Tonno, the owner of a used book and musical instrument store; and she works as a musician at 'Amber's', a pleasure house in Nolton.

I have taken the liberty of changing her age from roughly 17 to a more culturally (and rp) acceptable 18.

PB was a natural choice - violist Lindsey Stirling.

Height: 5 ft 2 (1.57 m)
Weight: 110 lb
Hair: Brown/red streaks and highlights
Eyes: Blue

Writer is over 21, muse is under starting out at age 18.

Interests (14):

adventure, bardic guild, bards, books, fiddles, free bards, harps, lutes, minstrels, music, new lands, silver, skull hill ghost, traveling
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